Fabulous Thank You Notes Alert: Kate Spade All Occasion Gift Set

Kate Spade Thank You card set

Previously, I wrote about the challenge of finding time for etiquetteOne easy way to stay on top of thank you notes, birthday cards , and get well wishes is to have a well-stocked stationery supply.  I’m not talking about just keeping stamps and return address labels at your disposal.  Having the right kind of card on hand is half the correspondence battle.  For me, finding the time to pick up cards every time an occasion presents itself is difficult.  As much as I try to plan ahead, it just doesn’t happen sometimes.  Then, there are the unexpected events that deserve recognition, and no amount of planning can account for those.

Kate Spade Stationery Gift SetSo, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the Kate Spade All Occasion Gift Set stationery collection.  This set of miniature cards includes thank you notes, get well, congratulatory, and birthday cards, as well as thinking-of-you messages, all nestled in a chic chocolate brown caddy.  In keeping with the Kate Spade style, each card features a classic, colorful message to the recipient written in traditional script.  Simple dividers separate each occasion of this stationery set.  But my favorite part of this caddy is the envelopes!  Each envelope is lined in a cheerful coordinating color that lets your special someone just how special you think she is.  Small details like heavy paper and lined envelopes make all the difference, whether you are addressing wedding invitations or a single birthday card.  Having this gift set on hand makes it easy to keep on top of your correspondence.  (Don’t you find that when you have fun stationery, you’re so much more likely to find that time?!)  This set would make a fantastic hostess gift for the etiquette (or stationery) lover in your life.

What are some of your tips for staying on top of your etiquette game?

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Modern Correspondence: Can E-cards Replace Traditional Cards?

Lately, (and by “lately”, I mean the last year or so.  Eeek!) I’ve been forgetting to stop by my favorite stationery store to pick up cards in enough time to get them off in the mail before that occasion passes.  More than once, I’ve sent someone her birthday card on her birthday.  Whoops.  And while I feel like sending an actual card is a step in the right direction, having said card arrive three days post-birthday, no good.  So, in the world of postmodern etiquette, are e-cards an acceptable substitute?

Can E-cards Replace Traditional Cards?

Funny Birthday ecardAre Birthday E-cards Appropriate?

E-cards are a popular replacement for traditional birthday cards.  Now, birthday e-cards are nothing new, but they have become much more mainstream in modern correspondence.  (As a side note: there are some hysterical e-cards out there.  Someecards, anyone?)  In a world where the majority of your birthday wishes may come from Facebook, an e-card does demonstrate some thought and effort.  As with any birthday card, if you are going to send an e-card wish, take the time to find one that reflects the recipient.  After all, the point of a birthday card, in any form, is to show the birthday girl that you were thinking of her. But if you send her an generic e-card (Think: teddy bear holding a bunch of balloons), she will know that wishing her well on her birthday was just a thing for you to check off of your to-do list.

Verdict: Acceptable substitute, but please personalize

Evite Invitation Housewarming PartyShould I Use Evites for My Next Party?

Many party invites I receive are sent through Evite, and it’s easy to see why so many people are going the electronic route for invitations.  Punchbowl, Pingg, Evite, and the like make event communication a snap.  Hostesses can use designs tailored to the event or their own images to create a personalized invitation, send invites and subsequent information to a group quickly and effortlessly, and track RSVPs to determine headcount.  Also, most of these sites store your guest lists, event dates, email addresses, and party details which makes future party planning a breeze.  Electronic invitations can also benefit guests:  RSVPing requires just a click of a mouse and event invitations can be linked to your personal calendar.  And just as hostesses can monitor the RSVPs, so can invitees.  While this feature may encourage some bad behavior, like basing your response on the genteelness of the guest list, it is a nice way to avoid any surprises.

Verdict: Acceptable substitute

Personalized Thank You CardsCan I Email a Thank You Note?

Just as sites like Punchbowl, Pingg, and Evite have invitation templates, they also feature thank you notes you can customize and email to anyone.  And while e-cards and invites can cut down on the time, cost, and environmental effects associated with traditional correspondence, thank you notes are one instance where electronic versions won’t make the cut.  Sending a thank you note should be a heartfelt expression of your gratitude, whether it is for a kind word or a baked good to welcome you to the neighborhood.  By sending a card, rather then an e-card (or an email, for that matter), you are showing someone that you truly appreciate her time and thoughtfulness by acting accordingly. 

Verdict: Go traditional over electronic

Old school rules of etiquette would have you believe that electronic correspondence has no place where manners are concerned.  While I tend to send traditional cards and invitations, and I think most people appreciate a traditional card, I, and most folks I know, have no problem receiving e-cards or invites. But, in the case of thank you notes, I suggest penning a traditional thank you or risk finding yourself not needing to write many.


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